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Afton, Wyoming

Take a step back in time when you visit Afton, in Wyoming’s Star Valley, about 53 nm south of Jackson Hole. Technical EditorCrista V. Worthy¬†transports us to this little town of around 1,800 people. It’s home to the world’s largest elk horn arch, which you’ll see stretched across Afton’s main drag. Rent a car and relive old times when you have lunch at the local drive-in, where carhop girls come out to serve you. For dinner, you can dig into some excellent seafood, a surprise for a tiny town so far from the ocean. The Lincoln County Fair serves up a great old-time rodeo, with macho bull riders, bucking broncos, barrel racing, and kiddie events. Pilots can visit the CallAir Museum to see the origins of today’s Aviat Aircraft factory. The factory has been a fixture at the Afton airport since the end of World War II, and is the birthplace of the amazing Husky bush airplane. Aviat also builds the legendary Pitts Special aerobatic biplane. Tour the factory and see how both of these airplanes are made, from the special welding station to the room where the fabric-covered airplanes receive 14 layers of cloth, dope, and sanding to produce a perfect finish. For outdoorsy-types, the nearby Bridger-Teton National Forest provides a bounty of beautiful hikes, rivers, and wildlife. It’s an easy walk to the world’s largest cold water geyser, which supplies Afton with its pure drinking water, voted best in America in 2005. For lodging, you can stay in a modern condo, a beautifully appointed log cabin with outdoor hot tub, or set up your tent in the forest. Get a taste of the best of the West in Afton.

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